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What is it like dating a latino

What is it like dating a latino

Sorry hunny but most of your answers will be skewed. My question for you is, what do you get out of dating "strictly latin men? Obviously your man treats you well so why do you even care? I dont want to sound mean but, yor post struck a nerve.

Latin men will treat a white woman such as yourself like gold and treat women of their own culture like crap.

I have many speculations, but who really knows, everyone is unique and must have their own reasons. I think that for many ignorant men and women they consider it a step up to be with a person who is European looking, but this is old news.

Originally Posted by pride21 I'm currently dating a Latino not Dominicanand am having a fight with him. Obviously, I turn to my girlfriends for advice, and in talking to one of them, our convo turned to white girls and Latin men. I am a white girl, and for the past four years have dated strictly Latin men.

My girlfriend who is Latina claims Latin men are dogs and mistreat their women, and they only thing they think a white girl is good for is making babies. According to her, I've had amazing luck with my Latin bf's, because I've always been treated well, and she is convinced that is some kid of miraculous occurance, because all Latino's are dogs.

I know the majority of Latino's I meet, always comment on how beautiful our babies would be But, I always assumed Latin men liked white women, because we are exotic to them and represent a form of status.

So, what do the men in this forum think? I've always been curious about this

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