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Dating wood by saw marks

Dating wood by saw marks

Woodworking master craftsman David J. Marks bandsaws a mahogany bentwood lamination in half for a student who is building a replica of David's design from.

I'm trying to date the house, which is why I was asking about the saw marks. Unsourced records give a date of about for construction.

Dating wood by saw marks;

This was about the time the house was expanded. The pictures I linked to are from whats still visible of the original framing when the house was smaller.

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I'm trying to date this house to s. During that time the family who owned the land were transitioning from a presumed mechanical pit saw to one of the first circular saw mills operated in the south according to one s biography I read.

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I was hoping that if the lumber showed both pit saw and circular saw, it might help prove this theory although I know it can never be proven, really. On some of the boards, saw marks are all going in one direction, but then sporadically, there are perpendicular saw marks going in the opposite direction?

Someone mentioned that the mortar on the chimney still shows evidence of a wall against it.

Yes, looking closer, and from the right angle, you can still see the outline of the original clapboards imbedded in the mortar. There used to be a man down the street who knew lots of old history about the neighborhood. This was before my time, but my neighbor luckily remembered lots of the old stories. He says that my house once faced the opposite direction and was the only house around.

This would have been when the land was all owned by one person and before it was turned into a residential neighborhood about the s. Just a little background on locailty and style if it helps date itthe house is located in south Mississippi; original house was very symetrical, Greek Revival, large front porch with square columns running length of house, large front door Gothic, two arched panels over two smaller square panels and surrounded by transom and sidelights.

Once had a chimney at each end.

The history of circular saws and thus our ability to date lumber from circular saw cut marks is an open argument among experts. Ball () notes claims of. Here are images and background that explain those curious marks. to a wooden sash (frame) in which was mounted a straight saw blade.

A two room "ell" located on the back was originally connected to the main house by a small breezeway now a bathroom. Even though one of these rooms was the kitchen at turn of century, a detached kitchen could have existed at one time.

Thank you for the inputs!

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