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Dating ring topology gold

Dating ring topology gold

The rings, hubs and channelized parent facilities must be dedicated and billed to Customer i. When information provided by the Customer is not correct, the Service Order will be rejected.

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Customer is also responsible for having appropriate availability on the parent facility when providing CFA. Verizon is only responsible for the portions of the circuits provisioned by Verizon.

If incorrect information is provided by Customer, the CFA will need to be re-quoted. When information provided by Customer is not correct the Service Order will be rejected.

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Verizon is only responsible for all portions of the circuits provisioned by Verizon. Customer will be responsible for any third party charges incurred by Verizon in order to implement the requested changes or any termination. This request has to be quoted on an individual case basis and may require the installation of a new Local Access circuit.

Dating ring topology gold

This charge is in addition to the Administrative Change charge and applies per bandwidth reconfiguration. Bandwidth reconfiguration is not applicable to Local Access with Wireless Connection.

Ring Topology

Cancellation of order charges will not apply to circuits for which Customer reinstates the same service order within 30 days of requesting discontinue processing the order. Cancellation of Order charges will be assessed per cancelled circuit or port per order.

Standard Expedite charges will apply in addition to any cancellation of order charges if Customer cancels an Accelerated Expedite or standard Expedite order before installation. In the event that Customer requests an installation at a Customer Site outside Normal Business Hours in the applicable country, Customer shall pay an additional after hours install fee, as applicable from time to time.

For access services, Customer will be charged an additional Expedite charge for each revision made to the service order prior to the dating ring topology gold of an installation or a change request due to Customers actions, including, but not limited to, more than one 1 site visit to Customers premises because Customer was not available at the time scheduled for installation or if Customer requests a change in the installation date, or any other Customer request such as changed speeds, prior to the completion of the installation.

Service orders requiring construction prior to the installation of service, either on-net or off-net, could result in extended delays even in instances where an Expedite charge applies. For international locations, Company will support expedite service only at locations where it is supported by the local access provider, and Customer will pay the expedite charge then in effect and levied on Verizon by such local access provider.

Charges may apply per order and per circuit or port for each modification.

Failure to comply may result in the reality of your account. Justify your bike collection by adding it to her shoe wheels You must be an overlay member to ask questions Find out more about. See our Ability Page for further information.

Charges will apply for each occurrence in addition to other applicable Administrative Nonrecurring Charges. Upgrades and Downgrades. Where Verizon offers alternative access speeds, Customer may request upgrades or downgrades subject to the following clauses of the Access Speed by signing a new Contract.

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Bandwidth downgrades are not permitted in some jurisdictions, including Canada, unless by execution of a replacement Contract and convenience termination of the existing Contract. Customer may request an upgrade of Local Access at any time during the Service Commitment, subject to Access Speed Availability and the terms and conditions of the third party Local Access provider if any.

If Customer elects to upgrade the Access Speed, Customer shall pay the setup fee and MRCs corresponding to the upgraded Access Speed effective from the day the higher bandwidth is available to Customer.

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If Customer wants to upgrade subject to Section 2. Data usage over the monthly traffic included will be based on the data plan in effect on the last day of the billing period when traffic usage is calculated. Customer shall pay for any applicable upgrade or downgrade fees.

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