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Dating 3 hours away

Dating 3 hours away

Female I've done it, twice.

The problem (at least in his mind) is that she lives 3 1/2 hours away by car (in Shoot, he should try dating a Marine that's stationed half way. Are there other couples in here who only live a couple of hours apart? I sometimes How do you handle friendships when you're away or busy half of the time?. iam UTC #3. You lucked out with three hours. My guy lives hours away. It just makes the discovery process longer and.

I am busy during the week and pretty independent. But even with that it does come to a head at some point for some. I know others that can do it, but it's pretty rare.

You do get caught up in a perpetual honeymoon state for quite some time. As nice as that is and without the benefit of day to day life, the down side is it takes longer to really get to know the other person.

Dating 3 hours away

It's a lot of time and effort invested and with no return in the end. Again, I do know some success stories. But you both need commit to do the hard work, because it is hard.

You both need to be independent spirits because there will be many times you wish you partner was there when they couldn't be and you need to be very trusting and trustworthy. AND you both need to be willing to move.

Doesn't mean you do, but I would have preferred it if my partner truly thought the relationship was worth it do to so as well.

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I might have moved both times but felt resentful when my partner s true motivation was always to stay and expect me to compromise. That would have been fair to tell me that up front and not pretend otherwise. The first relationship ended over an impasse, only for him to come back months later and agree to live in my home.

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We decided a trial run to start. He was there 3 days a week.

Why Men Pull Away When Things Are Good - Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

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