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After dating for a year

After dating for a year

On one hand, you've been with your SO for enough time that you're confident in your commitment and comfortable opening up about some not-so-easy stuff.

On the other hand, after only 12 months, you aren't even close to knowing everything there is to know about your partner. So, after one year of dating, what should you know about each other?

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Let's get one thing straight: Couples shouldn't feel like failures if they don't know every single detail of each other's hopes, dreams, failures, and successes after one year. After all, where's the fun in that?

But at the same time, the one-year mark is a great excuse to check in and make sure that you're on the path to that deeper level of mutual understanding. Here are seven things that couples should know about each other after one year if they want their relationship to withstand the test of time.

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Health History It's not exactly the most romantic of subjects, but nevertheless, it's one that begs to be discussed. Whether you're talking personal health or family history, it's important to be aware of your partner's past, current lifestyle, and goals when it comes to wellness.

after the first year of being together. As Jonathan Bennett, relationship and dating expert at Double Trust Dating tells Bustle, "If your partner. The number of couples who call it quits after a year or so is staggering. in 18 countries, over 85 percent of dating ends up in breakups.” Well.

Plans To Settle Down After a year, it makes sense that you should know where your SO stands on the traditional notion of "settling down. Family Dynamics Family dynamics are complicated no matter what your story is. But love it or hate it, your family is a large part of your story, and couples who've dated for at least a year should feel comfortable sharing that part of their lives with one another.

Deal Breakers Non-negotiables — we've all got them. Ideally, the fact that you've been dating your SO for 12 months should pretty much mean that you've passed the test.

After dating for a year

But this doesn't let you off the hook just yet. Spending Habits Remember the days when it was considered taboo to talk about money with your SO?

Money is a large factor in relationships, whether we like it or not. And while, yes, we all have the right to spend our hard-earned money on the things we want, it's crucial to make sure that you and your partner are aligned on the purchases you intend to make as a couple. Their Friends Now, we don't like to generalize, but it's safe to say that if you've dated your SO for an entire year and haven't gotten to know their friend group beyond a superficial level, that's a serious red flag.

We all gravitate toward those who share our values, and if you don't know your partner's friends, there's a good chance that you don't truly know your partner.

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Credit Score Potentially awkward to bring up? This is particularly true if you and your partner have plans to combine your finances via marriage or buy a home in the next few years.

If Your Partner Doesn't Do These 9 Things After One Year, They Aren't Soulmate Material: after dating for a year

But don't let that scare you off. Before hitting your one year anniversary, there are many topics that should be discussed. This could include your credit score. Discover offers a Free Credit Scorecard, and it won't impact your credit score.

How relationships change over time from all happy and love to mad and fights lol #relationships #fights #funny #skits.

It's totally free, even if you aren't a Discover customer.

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