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Dating online ratings chart

Dating online ratings chart Dating online ratings chart

I'm independently releasing my music. What has to happen for it to chart? How is the ARIA chart calculated? ARIA collects recorded music sales data from the majority of Australia's music retailers, including online retailers. The data from each store or site is matched with the ARIA database and the sales figures are extrapolated to achieve a 'best estimate' of the actual overall sales of each title.

Titles are ranked according to their 'weighted' sales figures. How often is the ARIA chart calculated?

They are based on retail recorded music sales within Australia for the week from the preceding Friday to the Thursday prior to calculation. The new charts are usually uploaded to the website on Saturday night Eastern Australian time.

How many sales does it take to reach. There is no fixed number of sales required to achieve a certain chart position on any given week.

A rough dating online ratings chart can be drawn by looking at the average accreditation over a number of weeks. Sometimes I see a gold release debuting higher on the charts than a platinum title released in the same week.

The ARIA accreditations are based on sales from the record companies to retailers, while the charts are based on sales from the retailers to the public. Sometimes a title purchased in great quantity by stores in anticipation of massive retail sales may sell more slowly than expected and a less highly anticipated release may exceed expected sales.

How are the bullets on the ARIA chart determined? The bullets attached to both the ARIA Singles and Albums datings online ratings chart are determined by upward chart movement over the previous week.

The number of places that a title needs to move to qualify for a bullet is less towards the top of the chart. It is more difficult to move up five places in the top 10 than it is to move 20 at the lower end of the top Titles do not qualify for bullets below position 70 on the chart.

I'm looking for a chart from the past and can't find it anywhere.

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Are past ARIA charts available anywhere on the website? ARIA is in the process of reviewing and redeveloping its web presence to increase the interactivity of the chart and include some access to archival chart information. Can ARIA provide me with old chart related information, for example a chart history for a specific artist?

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The ARIA charts date back to the middle of but our database only goes back to mid when we started calculating the charts in-house. Accessing information for ad-hoc chart enquiries can be quite time consuming and may incur a charge. If you would like to know how much your request will cost, email us your requirements.

I've heard a song on the Radio As good as our musical knowledge is, it can be difficult for us to identify songs you've heard on your local radio station. Make a note of the station that played the song and the date and time that you heard it, then contact the station directly.

Most stations should be able to give you the information you need. Are you able to give me song lyrics? I'd like to buy some of the titles listed on your site.

Can you sell them to me? We do not sell music on our site. If you wish to purchase any of the titles listed on any of our charts, contact a music retailer.

A non-exhaustive list of retailers can be found at our ARIA chart stores page. No, but a barcode can provide a unique way of identifying your product. The ARIA chart is calculated from sales data gathered electronically from computerised stores across Australia.

These stores provide ARIA with sales figures for all of their recorded chart sales in any given week. The product is identified to ARIA through either catalogue number or barcode or preferably both.

If there is no barcode, accurate identification is impossible. You should at least ensure that the catalogue number you choose is unique to your product. First and foremost, it must be eligible for inclusion in the chart. All but one of the ARIA charts are based on retail recorded music sales within Australia from a broad sample of music retailers across the country. ARIA membership is not a prerequisite for the inclusion of specific releases in the ARIA charts, but products must meet the various eligibility rules as set out in our Code of Practice.

Both of the following steps MUST be followed for your product to have any chance.

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